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ADI Health’s vision is to facilitate Right research for Right person at Right time & place. We have developed an AI-enabled, secure and intuitive platform to connect individuals & research organisations.


“People-Centricity” is at the core of whatever we do. Our goal is to make the research participation a ‘happy’ experience.

Smart & Intuitive

Our Smart Platform intends to take ‘search’ out of the equation. Our technology finds the right medical research for individual based on theirhealth profile.

Safe & Secure

Our latest technology solution ensures that the control of individual’s personally identifiable information will be with the individual themselves. Individuals will be able to decide type, duration, recipient and extent of data sharing.

Benefits for – Individual

  • Finding right medical research for yourself was never so easy
  • Your voice will be heard by the researchers
  • A secure platform to share your health data for medical research
  • Complete control of your health data sharing
    • Which data
    • With whom
    • How much data
    • For how long
  • Did you say data privacy and security concerns?
    • Most secure and novel privacy system (Patent-pending)
    • HIPPA, GDPR and APP compliance
    • End-to-end AES-256 encryption

Benefits for – Medical Research Organisation & Hospitals

  • Better feasibility planning
  • Conduit of medical research
  • Connecting research with potential participants
  • Secure platform of anonymized, real-world, consented health data
  • Increasing efficiency of medical research operations
  • Augmenting participant’s engagement
  • Reducing redundant administrative tasks

Benefits for – Healthcare Professional

  • Finding any ongoing medical research in their specialty
  • Finding right research for their patient(s)
  • Recommending potential medical research to their patients
  • Recommending a site for an upcoming research
  • Recommendingthemselves as potential investigator(s)

Benefits for – Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs)

  • Creating online medico-user-PAG community
  • Finding and sharing any medical research with their community
  • Increasing awareness about the disease and research
  • Customisable community surveys for targeted population


Barriers in finding medical research

It is challenging to find suitable medical research for individuals as well as healthcare professionals.

Inefficiencies in medical research

Medical research often gets delayed due to inefficient processes as a result of low participant enrolment & archaic processes. 

Participants are treated as ‘data points’

Currently there is no appropriate mechanism for communication between participants and the researchers. This leads to participant disconnect and discontent.

Privacy concerns

Due to the heightened concerns of data privacy, many individuals fear sharing their health data even for medical research purposes.


Precision matching for medical research

Our platform will intelligently match the health profiles with suitable medical research and vice versa thereby fast-tracking medical breakthroughs. 

Improving efficiency through automation

Our platform automates many operational processes to save time and money for medical research organisations. 

Making research more Humane

By enabling a continuous communication between participants, healthcare professional and medical researchers, we make patient centricity a ‘reality’. 

Privacy takes precedence

We are giving control of the health data back to the individual. This will restore their trust for participation in medical research.

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